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                                                      A New Season

On The Sound


Kenneth M Evans
is offering
" Plein Air Painting: Inspired by The Light
and Natural Beauty of the Cape"

  June 2016 Painting Classes & Workshop
 ( The 5 Wednesday mornings of June On Location )

The intention is to have a small group
paint and learn at interesting Cape locations.

$125 for 5 four hour sessions.

                                                                          E-Mail Artist for details and sign up at:                   


or call 1 508 362 9747

SEE some plein air samples !  HERE

  Good Morning All,

  We are just about there.  Next Wednesday, June 1 will be the first session of our Plein Air painting class.  I am looking forward
  to it very much.  I always do.  9 AM to 1.  Food and coffee there opens at 10:00.  Lavatory facilities are right there as well.

  For this first one we will meet at the Surfside Grill at Corporation Beach, Dennis - rain or shine.   There is a lovely  
  covered porch structure there we can use need be or also to stay out of the sun if it is too much for someone. The location is 
  found on line for directions, if any are not sure after that, please let me know.  Not far from The Cape Museum of Fine Art.

  I'll be there a few minutes early to include any who haven't signed up yet.  The class size should be just right, between
  4 to 8 depending on those coming who say they will but who haven't sent a check yet.  For those a check to Ken Evans
  at that point would be just fine.

  Aside from getting better at painting which we all will, we really intend mostly to use these sessions as a great reason
  to get out and experience the exhilaration of what the great outdoors and this superb Cape area have to offer.  And it has
  a fantastic amount to offer.  From this location the view extends all along the outer Cape.   Monet and all the great painters
  anywhere never had it so good. 

  At this location there are plenty of benches and tables.  So travel as light as possible.  That is always best outside in any event.
  But maybe just keep a small chair in the car in case you feel you would want it at your particular painting space.  Your car will
  be parked not far from where you will be painting.

  See you then.  But first have a great holiday weekend!!   Any questions I can be reached here.   1 508 362 9747

  Ken Evans


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